Forcefield feedback

I made a forcefield for my map. Any feedback?


Wow! That looks amazing, all I can say is maybe change the color of the forcefield to something blue-ish, light blue perhaps?

Yes. In the actual game, the forcefield will be different colors. Another example below:


Nice job, it looks really cool

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For the tips of the force field, I’d make the transparency higher. Maybe players would like to see all of the outside at any time. :slight_smile:

OH MA GOD what am I seeing now! That looks so futuristic! Good job!

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Ah, I see. I don’t really have much to say now, other than maybe change the shape of the forcefield?

Wooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh x1000

That is the coolest forcefield I’ve ever seen!


Very nice! Try using the ForceField texture to see if it gives a more sci-fi vibe. It looks really really cool otherwise. (Except being slightly blocky.)