ForceField material doesn't highlight intersections

The ForceField material is not behaving how it does in this thread. A feature where the forcefield is visible on the edges of parts it intersects is shown. This feature, however, seems to have been broken.

This bug always happens, to reproduce open a file on Studio, create a sphere with the ForceField material and then move it into the baseplate or a part. What’s expected is the forcefield to be visible on the edges of the part it’s inserted into/the part that’s inserted into it as seen in the image in the thread. It does not, however, do that.

It happens on the current version of Studio and Player. It happens in both Studio and Ingame

Current behaviour:

Expected behaviour:

My graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, although I doubt my specs would have anything to do with it as this used to work fine and another user, @JustEpi_c has had the same issue as me.

I have no idea when it started happening, I just know that it’s pretty recently.

repro.rbxl (16.8 KB)


What is your graphics quality level set to?

This happens for me on all quality levels, in both Studio and in live games.

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This happens consistently at any quality level I set it to as well. I have my renderer set to D3D11, if that helps any.

I can also confirm doesn’t appear on any quality level, just noticed it yesterday.

Yep. We’re working on a fix.