Forcefields don't appear after player respawns

I’ve been working on a game for the past few months, and I’ve noticed a today the player doesn’t respawn with a forcefield anymore.

I didn’t disable it or anything, and the spawn locations all have a forcefield duration of 10, so I don’t know why it’s not creating a forcefield.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Have you added anything like a free model that has it’s own scripting associated with re-spawning? If so the script may be turning the forcefield off.

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Give me the screenshot and the properties window

If the force field’s duration is 0, the force field completely don’t appear.

If there was a script in the player spawn, give me the script!

If there was no properties window you have, try selecting the player spawn.

If the window is still missing, try clicking the view > properties

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An addition to this:

Try going to the view tab on the ribbon and click Find, then look for certain keywords such as forcefield to find a free modelled script if there ever was.

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I didn’t find any free model scripts that were associated with respawning.


I also tried finding scripts with the keyword of spawn, but they were all my scripts that don’t relate to re-spawning. I have a script where it teleports all the players to a random spawn, but it doesn’t mess with the spawn’s properties.

spawn spawnWorkspace

Can you please let me see what happen when you delete the script?

Is it an enemy spawn?

Oh I see what I’ve done wrong lol

The ‘Assets’ model goes to ReplicatedStorage every time a round starts in my game, so it take the spawns model with it, so the player just spawns in without a forcefield.

The spawn points were invisible and up in the air, so it was hard to tell. Thank you though for helping!