Forcing an NPC humanoid to sit in a seat

I’ve been foraying into the world of NPCs hoping to add a bit more interaction to some of my games but I’ve hit a bit of a wall on something that I thought would be super simple. I’m trying to force my NPCs which use humanoids to sit in seats, but it doesn’t appear that :Sit() or having the NPC touch the seat actually gets them to sit down.

Here’s a video of what I’m dealing with, the seat clearly works as I can sit in it but the NPC doesn’t seem to care.

Is forcing NPCs to sit in this manner possible? Am I missing something in the NPCs structure that should make this work? Or have I stumbled across a bug?

Attached is a basic repro.
NPCTest.rbxl (54.0 KB)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Could you use Seat:Sit on the NPC’s Humanoid to make it sit on the seat? If you need the NPC to only sit when it touches the seat, perhaps you could hook up a BasePart.Touched event to it.

Let me know if this doesn’t work.

but it doesn’t appear that :Sit() or having the NPC touch the seat actually gets them to sit down.

Already tried that in the OP.

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That’s weird. Using :Sit() works for me in the repro. Are you doing this from the server or client when testing?


That’s bizarre, I tried :Sit() again in the repro and it worked like you said. I must’ve neglected to try it from the server without realizing it, that was silly.


It should be noted that :Sit() makes them sit down, but the animation of sitting doesn’t play - at least for me, when running in a command bar

workspace["Office Chair"].Seat:Sit(workspace.Character.Humanoid)


The SeatPart property of the NPC updates, and the Sit value of the humanoid is set to true, so they are sitting, but it just doesn’t appear to be sitting.

I was playing with a few different seated animations and one of them with a lower weight doesn’t seem to loop correctly into the other animations, haven’t gotten to addressing that yet.


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