Forcing R15 Block Rig

When a player joins my game, I want to force them to the default R15 block rig while still keeping their clothing and skin color. I personally don’t know an easy way to do this as the block rig isn’t uploaded as a bundle if i’m correct.

If anyone knows a possible way to do this, please throw it at me :smiley:


go in studio and under game settings you should be able to change this

Tried that earlier and unfortunately, that method won’t work as the default block rig has no bundle IDs associated with it as it was never uploaded as a bundle.

Edit: Nvm I reread your question.

Combination of StarterCharacter and copying over clothing assets from their character?

Is it possible to get the user’s clothes and skin color even with LoadCharacterAppearance set to false?

I don’t know, but you can turn autospawn off instead and change the character then manually call the spawn.

Couple things you can play around with, I’m not sure what works though, sorry.

Just found out about GetCharacterAppearanceInfoAsync which I can use to customize a StarterCharacter!

This is an easier solution if you aren’t planning to editting anything else besides the rig.

Rig.rbxm (9.8 KB)


		for _, BodyPart in pairs(script.Rig:GetChildren()) do
			Character.Humanoid:ReplaceBodyPartR15(Enum.BodyPartR15[BodyPart.Name], BodyPart)