Forcing Roblox to not Autocorrect 000001 to 1

000000 + Value.Value

Autocorrects to just 1. Is there a way to stop that from happening? like for a counting screen?

The number would have to be turned into a string.


Now, you would have to decide how many zeros to add before the number so it would not be displayed incorrectly.

Use string.format.

local boxes = string.format("%06i", Boxes.Value)

(Change “Boxes.Value” to your number.)

e.g. 5 would change to “000005”


if you use BoxInserted and Boxes Variable, you can create like this:

local BoxInserted = 000000
local Boxes = workspace.Boxes
local InsertPart = workspace.InsertPart

     if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Boxes") then
          BoxInserted = BoxInserted +1 -- Why Must Insert 1, Because The Boxes Income Is only 1 part

this only i know

This won’t work because 0 + 1 = 1, So you still would have the same problem.

if the zero is 6 time, there is so pretty much, maybe the max of number will 10K Box Inserted Then

i know but if 00001 is enough for me, I make this one too but i make 00001 is cool because is not too logic, but how its logic when 00001 is change automatically to 1, that is crazy

as my mind:
from all of zero have some id, in developing code… its string not number… then the id will search where the last zero need to replace with a new number, then it would replace with a new number!, if the number passing 10 then it would replace new number from other zero, so that what i keep in mind