Forerunner city 2.0

Ive been doing several updates, and i finished most of the city however i still need ideas regarding to what else i could add there, i expect this place to be at least active enough to form a community, but i wonder what could keep people interesed in these games?

Please refrain from commenting stuff related to perfomance, brick ammount or any unessesary commentaries,


You deserve 100k robux for this build oh my god i love it :heart_eyes:

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One possible idea you can implement if not already, is some mode of transportation for this city or modes of transportation for the players to actually sue to travel around this city. This allows players to explore the map easily, and in general I believe whenever a game has moving aspects with it, it allows players to be interactive with the game more so that would possibly keep players wanting to explore by traveling around the map. Other than love the build so far and hope you are able to form a community with it!


Looks epic. No more words. Just epic.

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As ideas to keep the game “alive” you can make for example some flying cars that can be driveable or put into the city some NPCs that randomly walk on the map


This is one of the best things I have ever seen, salute to you for this amazing build you made my friend please keep working on this I love it and I would easily give it a 10/10.

One suggestion though is, since this is sci-fi themed, you can add stuff from the future like for example floating cars, vehicles, etc.

Keep up the good work though this is very cool.

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Hello there,

WOW!, that looks so big and fascinating. the Sci-fi building really touches the theme around the map as well but I was wondering is the game gonna lag out for all players and also can you give us the game link because some of us really wanna go watch by ourself. the hologram of the solar system is pretty neat not gonna lie and I was wondering what is the yellow thing on at the picture number 3? that all for now and I will see you on the next reply…


This looks amazing, great work. :+1:


This build is down right amazing to look at. The build is really beautiful and I hope to play this in the near future. Like the people said above, try adding some fast travels to this, because it could be too big for people to normally walk around, and providing floating cars, trains, or anything fast would be amazing

Unfortunaly i can’t open the place for public, there is a person that is threatening my security by constantly leaking my assets, so for now im trying to protect my assets

Yo I really love the look of it and how there’s Flood. I’m actually making a halo game on roblox too.

Its looks good so far but i suggest not using free models. Like the trees they are free models

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Erm, no they are meshes, ‘‘free models’’ do not apply for this category

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