Forest map suggestions and criticisms

Hey Builders, I’ve got a question about level design (if that’s your thing)

I’m currently working on a medium sized forest map for a game I’ve been building for a while now. and I’m trying to see if i can nail down the general level design (elevation and terrain differences such as hills, valleys, streams, etc currently need not apply)

This is the current layout:


Yellow = small building
Red = Large building
Green = exit locations
Purple = random spawn locations (min 5, max 8 people to a map)

The general rule is that the red buildings will be attached to the larger roads, smaller roads connect between larger roads and yellow buildings. Grass will be covered with trees.

I’ve looked at other posts within the Dev-forum about forest maps and terrain management, which has gotten me to the point I am at now.

What I am trying to obtain is information from the community about how I could build this map better positioning wise. I like the current positioning of the green boxes, so those will not be moving unless a solid argument is made, other than that I’m open to hearing anything out and testing it!

Let me know what you all think, any suggestions and criticisms are welcome! Be blunt even lol :slight_smile:


I have since edited my building layout to look like so:

My reasoning being was to try and prevent spawns from being too close to a building and an exit, As well as to provide each spawn point contested territories (yellow and red buildings to fight over)