Forest Showcase (Fantasy)

Hello! I’ve made this forest showcase recently and would love for you to check it out and give me feedback on it. It is still a W.I.P as I am still actively working on it. I will pre-warn you it is very intensive on your GPU so I recommend for most users to use at least 6 graphics (anything lower than this will ruin your overall experience personally) however, if you want to enjoy the overall experience 8 - 10 graphics is best.

I have done all I can for optimisation I can do more in terms like disabling global shadows as a option which I will do later on with a GUI like a settings menu with a clog wheel in the bottom left or something like that. But for now I’ve done all I can at the moment, future lighting as it is, is not optimised really but this map is very detailed but enjoy it.

It uses everything from beams, particles and sounds

(RAR is just for the roblox architects)


Your game is cool.
Really beautiful.
I suggest you adding an option of turning off the foliage moving (cuz it is very laggy). :sweat_smile:


Definitely could actually I’ll do that right now. Thank you for the kind words though.

Really nice work! Welcome to RAR :slight_smile:

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