Forest View Build

I just made this cool Forest view for an upcoming Horror game for my friends.

Feedback would be appreciated.
Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 11.38.59 AM|690x358


Cant edit on the second one, so here it is,


Looks nice, however if it’s for a horror game like you said, you should add some sort of fog and make it a tad bit darker. In the second image, it’s extremely bright (your character is glowing).

You could also add some more decorations such as a few picnic tables, or a stream with a bridge in the main area in the first photo. Looks good!

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Don’t worry, the game gets a LOT darker very fast.
This is the first time you can control your character. When you reach the champ area it goes completely dark.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Of course! If it goes completely dark, a flickering flashlight would add a nice spooky touch. :ghost:

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Oooooh!! yes!! I love it!!


OOOOO, tell me when this game gets released so I can play it. It gives me vibes.

Also, what do you mean by champ?
Anyways good luck!

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it auto corrected to champ, I meant to say Camp. Lol

Sure, ill let ya know when it comes out. Ill probably make a post about it.

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