Forever Cart - Procedurally Generated Cart-Ride

You have probably seen how repetitive cart ride games are and each cart-ride game isn’t really re-playable (i.e. once you completed the cart ride, you have basically have seen everything). You have probably also noticed how, in most of the cart ride games, there are usually players messing around with people trying to get to the end like spamming the “up” button of someone else’s cart to make that player’s cart go way too fast or purposely stay on the track to potentially have players fall off of the track.

Since I feel like there could be more potential, I spent a few hours creating Forever Cart, which is a cart ride where each track is procedurally generated, and each server has a unique track you could ride on. This place is also designed specifically to prevent cart abuse, by making it where only players that are already in the cart can change the cart controls and using collision groups to prevent players from interfering with each other.

There is still more work that is still be done, and I plan on adding more stuff to make the game more fun and interesting (like in-game currency, a snack bar, game passes, and so on), but that is only a concern for my future self to worry about.

You can try out the game (currently in Alpha) below. It might initially feel like a stereotypical cart ride but that will change with future updates. If you have any suggestions on how to improve or make the game more fun, don’t be afraid to leave a reply below. Other than that, have fun!

– List of Updates –

May 3rd, 2021:

  1. Speed displays on carts
  2. A new track would appear every 10 minutes
  3. Added meme board at the end of the track
  4. Added a trampoline to the end

May 4th, 2021:

  1. Modified the map and pieces (replaced trampoline with teleporter back to spawn and made each of the pieces fit within a square grid)
  2. Removed trampoline with teleporter
  3. Added “Cash” - the in-game currency - in the game, with players being able to get it by completing the track.

May 5th, 2021:

  1. Fixed the issue of some tracks having sections that can’t be passed through by cart (like the track intersecting itself or some pieces get too close to each other).
  2. Minor color changes
  3. Changing the code to make it more maintainable and modular

You could had the decency to create your own cart and track rather inserting is from toolbox.

Irrespective, I don’t see anything unique about the game. Predominantly, it’s just as like any other cart ride game.

Furthermore, I’m intrigued to know, as to why you felt it is appropriate to proclaim this particular game? In light of the fact, this game appeals to way younger children. Then of course, Provided the the game is just made up of literally 2 free models, if not 1?

On the positive note, thanks, I enjoyed “reliving” the classic memories! I played this when I was younger years ago (you probably were still in your mummy tummy, ofc respectfully) . Can’t believe these games still are surviving to this day… what a charm.

Good concept though lol.

You should really change your message, that is now way to treat anybody on the DevForum.

I think it is a great idea! Does the previous track parts get deleted after I go away? If not that could cause a bit of lag.

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Does the previous track parts get deleted after I go away?

This is unintelligible. Could you rephrase?

He means if the rails behind the carts disappears while the cart is moving

True, but honestly the one from the Toolbox is good and is reminiscent of old Roblox for me, so I decided to use that. However, I made modifications, especially to the cart, in an attempt to fix common problems I see players have in cart rides and to make it easy to generate each track programmatically.

This is rather confusing to me, considering that Roblox is primarily targeted to a younger audience anyways, and thus what you said there could be applied to practically every Roblox game in existence.

I primarily used one free model for everything, although I modified everything in the free model so I could make this game.

The track doesn’t change after the pieces have been added, so no. I plan on making it where the track changes about every 10 minutes, which is more than enough time to traverse through a given track.

I was up till 2:00 AM to add a few new features:

1. Each cart has a speed display, so you know how fast your cart is going (default speed is 21).

2. Every 10 minutes, a new track will be made to replace the one that exists in the map. This is to keep things in a given server interesting. (10 minute is more than enough time to get to the end)

3. Added a meme board at the end of the track, which shows a randomly-selected meme. More will be added in later updates

Short Update
I made a few changes to the game near around 3:00 AM last night to help fix a few things:

1. I made it where you could go faster without falling off of the cart. I might make more changes to this later on depending on how people want to ride the carts

2. I added a trampoline to the end to add more stuff you could do in the finish. I tried to not add too many stuff as the track changes every 10 minutes.

It’s a cool creation but the title and the way you are presenting it is a bit misleading. I thought the tracks would procedurally generate as you go along the track, allowing the track to go on forever, hence the name “Forever” Cart.

I was working on a similar project where an obby would procedurally generate as you went along forever. Though that seemed pretty complex to do in a way that seemed like a real, interesting obby.

works as promised so yeah

Another Update (5/5/2021)

It’s been a few days since I last made a significant update to this game so here are a few things I have changed so far:

  1. There used to be an issue where the track intersects with itself, making it impossible to complete the rest of the track by cart. I changed the track generator to instead create the track using a slightly modified version of a self-avoiding walk and changed the pieces so they occupy a square grid. It took me much of yesterday and a bit of today to get it working properly, and now the problem should be gone for good.

  2. I added a teleporter to the end and I am currently making it where you could get cash for riding the same track multiple times, but so far it is not working as intended.

Finally the tracks works, the game works as promised as you said in the new update!