Format button disables randomly

Reproduction Steps

I’m yet to find a consistent reproduce for this yet.

All I know, is after about 10 minutes of writing code the button becomes grey and I am unable to format my code.

Expected Behavior

I am able to right click, and click the Format button whenever I need to.

Actual Behavior

The button becomes unclickable after about 10 minutes of coding.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Often


I don’t use the right click context menu to format code. I use the one in the script menu.

I do think this is an issue.

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Yeah, I’m still having the issue, as I have been using the Roblox editor a lot in the past week, and every single time I cant format.

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I encountered the issue today.

I right clicked in the editor and the option just wasn’t there.

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This issue should no longer occur. Could please confirm ?

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It worked, thanks!

Although the bug is fixed, why does the release notes for the newest version of studio, 535, say it’s pending?