Format testing. (SCPF code of ethics)

The Code of Ethics, best referred to as (CoE) is a document referring to most if not all regulations and rules within the Foundation to better keep peace in the Foundation. If you are misunderstanding something or finding something within the CoE, use the Table of Contents below to best navigate. Please refer to the Code of Ethics for most on-site rules.

Table of Contents :
I) Introduction
II) Civil Regulations
III) Combative Regulations
IV) Standard Regulations
V) Hierarchies
VI) Strikes
VII) Code of Ethics change and addition

II) Civil Regulations
This section outlines regulations that all Civil Department members must follow, it is not limited to only Civil Departments but is directed at that audience.

2.A | Under no circumstances should Civilians of Civil Departments engage in firefights.
2.A.A | The only time this is permitted is if you have clearance authorized by Level 4 Personnel and above.
2.A.B | If there are no combatives present at the location, you are suggested to immediately report on the Civil Radio which will be given to you. If you are in direct harm, or for self defense purposes, that should be the only time you may fire.

2.B | Civilians may not enter armories as they do not specialize in the field of combat nor should they get any weapons unless they have a PDW.

2.C | Civilians may not attempt to help a firefight as they should report to a safe area if there is one present that is major.

2.D | In the case of a site-wide emergencies, which include but are not limited to are, breaches, CI raids, GoI Raids, they must immediately get to the breach shelter, if the path there is not safe or inaccessible then they must stay at safe places closest to them like their spawn point.

2.E | If a Civilian attempts to exit the breach shelter while they’re in there, they are grounds for termination after approximately 3 warnings. Under no circumstances should an SCP or Enemy be alerted our area and that would cause major security risks among other Civilians within.

2.F | Civilians may not interact with Class - Ds or help Enemies unless it is an interrogation or a testing.