Formatting Game/Profile Page Layouts

What I had in mind is basically being able to move certain elements around on the page and being able to resize them within reason. I imagine something similar to Twitch’s panel system. Some mock-up screenshots will be posted below. I could not find a suggestion similar to this in the search of the forum but if someone knows of a topic that is similar to this just tell me.

Not all the elements have to be movable (ex. The thumbnail and play button could always be at the top but everything below that could be moved around/resized).

Also, keep in mind the images are mock-ups, not what I actually think they would look like on the actual site.

One final note, it would be really amazing if we could apply decals into the boxes. Since the images have already gone through roblox’s filter then there is no problem with moderation. This last detail is just an additional thought and should probably not be taken seriously.

Thanks for reading this!


I think this would be really cool! I would love to be able to customize my game page like that :open_mouth:

Other panel ideas


“97% approval rating in the past week”
“96% approval rating all time”
“Favourited 451 times in the past week”

Etc customise any stat you’d want to be shown would be really interesting to really flaunt your game.


Add “tags” like steam allowing the developer to add tags and the community to add and vote on their own.


Awards panel / achievement showcase of the game “Best lighting 2016” with a trophy and title/description. Featured in the featured category, played on ROBLOX live stream.

Smaller easier ones would be “85%> approval rating for X weeks” etc

This would be a locked panel which can only be unlocked once an award/achievement is received.

More detailed rating system

Out of 10 which people that’ve played the game for at least 10 minutes can vote on important game aspects like;

  1. Socialness
  2. Gameplay
  3. Fun
  4. Replay-ability
  5. [Developers choice here]

Disclaimer: 3 am post but will refine ideas soon