Forming Development Team [DISCONTINUED]

Hello, all! I am pandap153, a new game manager looking to form a development team. I have many quite ambitious (in my view) ideas, that I’ll be sharing in this post, along with the types of developers I’ll be hiring.

Games I want to Make

I have a plethora of ideas for games that I want to make, here are the ones that I think are best.

Journey-Styled Game

Recently I have thought about the game Journey, and I’d like to form some sort of game based around the idea of Journey. The game will be set in a medieval setting with fantasy elements.

Permadeath-Styled Game

Recently I’ve been interested in Permadeath-Style games, and I’d like to make one. My idea would be to fit around the medieval setting, and have that Dark Souls feel for how hard the game overall is, but instead of over-leveled mobs it’s the permadeath feature, and how player-based the gameplay can be. It’ll have MMO aspects most certainly, and will NOT be using the common 5 hit based stun system. This will likely be farther into the development team’s game history.

Shooter Game

This game is based around gun combat, taking inspiration from Arsenal and Phantom Forces. Nothing much else to say, really.


Payment will be STRICTLY done in percentage, as that’s all I can afford.


We are currently needing a varying amount and types of developers.

Music Composers: 2-3

Scripters: 1-3

Builders: 3-4

Modelers: 1-2

Artists: 2

Translators: 1-5

I may be taking in more than I can chew here, but that’s what I think.

Contacting Me

Contact me via DevForum messages, and show 1-2 pictures of your work for all except art and translating, art requires 2+ pictures of your work, and translating doesn’t need any proof.

Also, contact me for any questions about the job.


Discord is not available.

Thanks for reading! :happy3:

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