Formula ROBLOX - Update Log 1.17.0

UPDATE 1.17.0

Tyre Compounds

After a lot of requests, tyre compounds have been added to the game! There are now Medium and Hard compounds alongside the Soft compound, which behaves the same as the tyres before this update. You can select a compound when first joining the track or when coming into the pit lane. For keyboard users you can select a compound with the 1, 2, 3 keys and for gamepad users you can use the dpad.

Since this is the first time the game will have tyre compounds, there is a chance future tweaks to the Medium and Hard compounds will be made so that all 3 tyres are viable in competitive racing.

In public servers the tyre wear rate has been multipled by 3.

New Track

The track contest winner is finally here! Motorpark Nagoya is the latest track to be added to the game! This Japanese roval track will challenge the racers in a new and exciting way!

This track also comes with an oval version, but this will only be available in VIP servers due to its different nature in racing compared to the rest of the tracks in the game.

VIP Servers

VIP Servers are now free to use for everyone! In your own VIP server you can setup your own sessions with modified qualifying and races lengths, slipstream and tyre wear intensity!

The mod list has been updated so it is more convenient to add more names to the list.


The first gamepass has been added to FR: the EU Livery Pack! If you buy this gamepass, you get 8 liveries based on European countries: Belgium, France, England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands and Spain.

Note that in order to use a livery you also need to own the corresponding car. The liveries have been spread around 7 cars.

Updated live table

  • You can view when other cars complete a sector: purple = fastest in session, green = personal fastest, red = slower than your PB.
  • Interval times can be viewed where the gap to the car ahead can be measured instead of the gap to the session leader.
  • You can see what compounds other drivers are using.
  • You can see how many pit stops other drivers have made and when someone is in the pit lane.
  • If you press the TAB key or the L1 Button on your gamepad, you can toggle between leaderboard modes: gaps, intervals, compounds, pit stops.

Delta Timer

When on a hotlap, you will be able to see an active comparison between your current lap and your best lap. The delta time updates every minisector (~20 times/lap).

In TT, the delta timer will only available if you have set a new PB since this update. This is because the delta timer requires the minisector times from your best time in order to appear. Up until this update the minisector times of your PB did not save.

Other changes

  • The lighting of the game has been changed;
  • An upper deadzone has been added for gamepad steering, due to reports of understeer when using the gamepad;
  • The lower deadzone of the mouse steering can now be configured by the player in the settings;
  • Various other fixes/improvements.