Formula ROBLOX - Update Log 1.19.0


NEW: Weekly Objectives

At the start of every Monday 0:00 UTC, you get a new set of three different objectives. You get until the start of the next week to complete these objectives. The following objectives will be present in the game:

  • Win x races;
  • Score x podiums;
  • Finish x races;
  • Complete x laps;
  • Qualify in the top 5 x times;
  • Finish in the top 5 x times;
  • Get x fastest laps;

For each requirement, except for completing laps, you must be in a public Standard/Ranked server where there are at least 8 active racers in order for any progress to count. Depending on the objective, a player will be considered active if they have either started the race, or set at least one time in qualifying.

For each objective there is a random chance that there will be an extra condition. Either the player will have to use a specific car or drive at a particular track. You cannot get an objective that requires you to use a car that you do not own. The more cars you own, the more likely it will become that you get a car-specific objective. All cars and track that are playable in public, except for legendary cars, can be included in an objective.

Also, for each objective, if there are no track/car requirements, then there is a 50% chance that the target will be higher.

Of course, after you complete an objective, you will be rewarded with Formula Points. Generally, the more difficult an objective is, the higher the reward. If a specific car is required, then the reward will be multiplied by 1.5. If a specific track is required, then the reward will be doubled.

Motorpark Nagoya Reworked

After various complaints about the inconsistency of the track, mainly around the tunnel sections, the track has had a make-over! Both tunnel sections have been reworked to improve the reliability and quality of the track.

Because the track has been significantly altered, all Time Trial times will be reset when the update drops.

Bug fixes and Quality of Life Improvements

  • The leaderboard while driving has been reworked so that displayed information for certain players no longer gets stuck;
  • The hitboxes of the mobile driving control buttons have been increased.
  • The popup you see, when you hover over a game mode in the menu, no longer gets stuck.
  • Fixed some wrongly displayed text on the monthly SR rewards screen.