Formulate! For all your calculating needs!

What is formulate?

It is a simple calculator plugin for all your calculating needs!

Why should I use formulate?

You should because then you wont have to open google or microsoft calculator to make your formulas!

Screenshots of formulate

Base UI

Help menu for all the functions possible in formulate

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I think the part that some people would like is the color of my UI and the design


Does 5 / 0 works or it just shows an error?

it shows nan because of some obvious sus reasons :wink:

Also, can you please make 9+10 = 21 instead of 19?

yea sorry i think it would just mess with the people lol might do it in the future doe when this gets about 100 downloads or something (which will never happen :frowning: )

I don’t think this is very useful, it can only perform basic arithmetic (see image) and can’t do many “complex” things. Most people would probably rather open a new tab or even just ask Siri to do it than have a extra plugin installed taking up space on the plugin bar.

It looks pretty well made though! I like the idea of typing in your question rather than entering it in on a number pad, it’s a lot more user friendly and easier to use than a normal calculator.

Should equal 50.

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I do kinda agree to what you say here but I think it would be better using my plugin to save time and be more efficient in working

this is due because I am using loadstring() and not some complex code to do it I will make a how2use button so that players can understand that how my plugin functions.

had to edit it a bit (sorry)

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You’re allowed to disagree, I don’t take any offence.

This plugin would probably be great for developers with a very low end PC that can’t run mulitple tabs or windows at the same time.

This is probably correct - your plugin gave me the answer to 5^2 in less than half a second, however Siri took a couple seconds to give me a response.

May I point out some issues, many programmers tend to not have the 3D view open, so it would be very helpful having this plugin as its own widget, so it can sit next to the script editor while scripters are working. It will save time switching between the 3D tab and the scripting tab.

In the long term, users would probably save time just using the command bar unless you made it a widget.

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hmm that is true that you can use the command bar but I think the command bar also does take time and also by updates I will make it more and more efficient / useful. Thank you for your opinion

I think that you are allowed also at first I did disagree but then I kind of agreed as well

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Can I ask why this plugin requires script injection?

The plugin won’t load unless I give it permissions to inject scripts.

it is due to me using loadstring() because the plugin uses loadstring() to calculate the answer! now don’t worry it has no malicious content you can check it yourself!

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Oh no worries, I already looked over the code and saw it wasn’t dangerous I was just curious to why it was asking this since I don’t really know much about plugin creation

Oh I see well ok thanks for downloading it doe!

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Honestly whenever I need to create a formula, or calculate something I just use print() in the command bar. I think that this plugin is definitely not something which many people would find useful in that case (I understand this is one of your first times though, so learning is a part of the process), but if you want a plugin to work like this you’ll need to implement: Quick Type, All math. function support, Maybe graphing support, and definitely variable support. If you added all of that, me and a ton of other users would LOVE it.


yes i am planning to add math. support in the newer versions

there should be something like math variables.

A = 2  5A -- 10

Also why didnt you add pi yet???

Also you should try to make complex calculations as @frrazers said

Give it the ability to do some algebra that would would be pretty neat and useful

After skimming through the code, I have to say using this is Dangerous! :fire:
This “CalculateServer” server-side script in particular:

local CalculateRS = script.Parent.CalculateRS
local TestService = game:GetService("TestService")
	local Result = loadstring("return "..c)
	local s,e = pcall(function()
	if s == true then
		CalculateRS:FireClient(plr,"Syntax Error")

If this is in your game, exploiters can execute server-side code.

Using loadstring to do the math might be more convenient, but it’s insecure. A better method would be to have some sort of lexical analysis.

well then it looks like I need to make it a we bit safer

Yes I will add them

It will come in the newer versions

please wait a couple of days I will add everything!

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