Fort Snow | Terminal Panel Guide

Button to open the terminal panel.



Defend Group & Raid Group:

Set the values for what group is defending and raiding.

DETECT Buttons:

Will try to detect what group is defending and raiding and automatically input the value.

Defender & Raider Cap:

Set the amount of players allowed for each team.


The amount of time for Phase 1.


Will start the defense/raid where players will go through a series of cutscenes of a team’s leaders and drop down of all the players similar to TRA’s.


Will toggle Swords on or off (Respawn to take effect)


Capture Time:

How long raiders have to be in control of the terminal.

Capture Speed:

How long it takes for the terminal to cap.

(Multiple players on it speeds it up.)


Defenders de-cap time. When universal with capture time, the term will reset fully to 0.

Time Gain:

Does nothing since it’s one phase.

Will open a panel that allows you to go through any player and see their movement of their mouse and where other players they see are on their client with a red humanoid.

Let’s you view the hitboxes of people on the inputted user’s client.