Forum Autoscrolls on posts

On the DevForum, on my phone, when I reach the bottom of post replies, the forum sometimes autoscrolls to the end of newly loaded content. This loops until all replies are loaded. It can happen on accident or on purpose. This may be an issue for all mobile users, or just me.

This has been happening ever since I first viewed the DevForum, before I even logged in.

To easily recreate this, open a large topic on your phone, and scroll all the way into the footer. Doing this causes this issue 100% of the time.

If you also get this on mobile, reply so everyone knows if this is a real bug or not.


Hi me too I’m on mobile but I didn’t have a bug similar to this one.


Try using Google with Web for computer setting turned on.

Otherwise, I can agree. When I use Mi Browser. it does the same.

This issue has been happening since I remember the DevForum.

Happens on PC as well:

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How is this bug still happening? It has been so long!

Roblox pls fix

Edit: it can boop u up like the other bug if u scroll up but it doesn’t chain react like going down does