Forum Division and Management Issues

Hi, I’m a New Member but I noticed some weird stuff in the whole forum.

Problem 1 - Open Categories

There are categories in this forum that are open to members only, like #discussion , but there are others that are open to everyone, like #collaboration . However, I believe this should be the other way around, since discussion is one of the biggest reasons anyone joins a forum, and collaboration is a place where you move money, and there people should be trustworthy, that is, I suggest make the #discussion category open for everyone, so the forum can have its most basic function, and the #collaboration category looks for everyone, but only members should be able to create there, it looks like a mess these days, and I know it can affect the “savings”.
Note about collaboration category: I know this affects everyone, even me, but it’s important since “Members” are treated as trustworthy people here, that’s the message I get and I believe others too.

Problem 2 - New Members and Closed Topics

I do believe in and trust private member categories, but I think there should be a more conventional way of asking your topic to be moved to any of these categories, maybe this is #bulletin but if it is, that’s a problem because I’m uninformed or unconventional, what I mean is that it could have a category called “Awaiting Classification” (just a name idea), so people can make their topics what they want, and moderators can move them around If they fall into what they are asking for and are interesting, it is important to think that this category should be unlisted.

Problem 3 - Too Many or Needless Answers

When we post an interesting topic, many people want to reply, and others just want a reason to create a topic, people have the “solution” in saying “Closed Topic” with the function “Resolved”, that’s okay, it’s a less aggressive way , but why not just close your topic? Not all topics need numerous answers.


Problem 1 - Make the #discussion category open and the #collaboration category closed to new members, thus preventing fraud and maintaining the essence of the forum.

Problem 2 - Create a more convenient post approval category.

Problem 3 - Allow users to close their own threads to keep the forum healthy.

I hope you agree with my feedback, and if I am really right, this will be answered.

Thank you.


I can’t check this, but can’t you just create a topic in any PA-able category and it’s automatically sent to post approval, and not immediately shown?
I don’t think it really need any improvement.


Threads in categories where posts should be locked already have an auto-lock timer. (collaboration, announcements)

I don’t think we should give users the ability to lock their own posts (i.e. in help and feedback, or discussion). Solutions might change over time or new feedback might emerge. Your forum posts are for everyone, not just for yourself. Developer Engagement Team has also been instructed not to lock posts on user request for exactly this reason.

If you do think a particular post should be locked despite the above you can send a DM to the @Community_Sage group and we can lock it for you if we agree.


Problem 1.
#collaboration:private-recruitment exists and is only used by full members.

Problem 2.
#bulletin-board exists for those need to PA any posts. Rule 15.1 makes it clear what the protocol is Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

On top of posts like About the Bulletin Board category

Problem 3.
If enough users report a single post, it has been known for that post to be autolocked. See the previous response for more reason.