Forum login re-directs you to Roblox and requires you to login again after already doing so?

So, when your log in to forum, why does it re-direct you to Roblox? I cleared my cookies, and I logged back into the forum and it redirected me to Roblox. Furthermore, since I already logged in through this process, why when I close the forum I have to log in again? Is this done intentionally?

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It’s a normal thing for the DevForum. Most likely in a couple hours of being away from the website, I was forced to login. If you go away from DevForum for a long time, it redirects you to Roblox.

I don’t think thats true.

If you log out of the forum or your clear any existing data/cookies on it, I will require you to login again. If I log out right now, I can log in no problem. But If I clear my cookies, etc. I have to login twice. Once to get redirected to Roblox and then again to login.

It’s not a problem for me if I get logged out in a matter of minutes, but as I get away from the website for too long, for example: school, I had to log in again for once.

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So if you go away from a few hours or clear any data, it’ll require you to login twice? It’s kinda pointless that I get redirected to Roblox.

I mean, it’s possible on me when I am on mobile.

This Devforum is operated by a service called Discourse, and devforum uses a custom login system (Single-Sign-On).
devforum uses Roblox account information to process login.
So devforum have to get your login information on the Roblox site.

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If you cleared your cookies, you probably cleared your Roblox site cookies as well as the DevForum cookies?

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Clearing your cookies means your clearing your preferences for a site (this includes but is not limited to login info). Since the DevForum uses Roblox to log you in, this is 100% expected. It’s not pointless for this to be done. You just have to go to the DevForum twice, it’s not that hard.