Forum Moderation is much less active at certain times

Not entirely sure where this should go, so I’ll stick it here for now. Let me know if this doesn’t belong here, and where it does belong.

I’ve began to notice that forum moderation is basically non-existent during what would be night for the EST time zone. Posts made in the earlier or later hours generally go unnoticed even with flagrant rule violations until the next morning. I understand that most of the moderation team is probably asleep, but the moderation inconsistency due to the time of day can really impact the forum negatively.

Users’ experience on the forum would be improved if the forum didn’t go nearly unmoderated at night because many are active during times when moderation is almost non-existent and troll posts stay up for hours, which is annoying.

As a solution, more moderators from diverse time zones can be hired, such as from the GMT time zone, where they would generally be awake for any early morning activities that would be missed by a moderator in EST.

Anybody else noticing this?


Maybe they sleep at that time. give them some rest.


They acknowledged that and provided a solution.


I’m not suggesting making the moderation team stay up for 24 hours a day, I’m instead suggesting that forum moderation can be hired from different time zones so that there are at least a few moderators active at all times. Remember that “day” is at a different time depending on where you are.


I (CST) have been also noticing this. It’s been going on for a few days, and I’m pretty sure the people who make the troll posts also notice this, which is why they’re doing it. It would really be great if roblox could hire devforum mods from different time zones.


Keep in mind that people who moderate the forum are not obliged nor paid extra for moderating the forum. While that’s part of their duties, they are mainly hired to focus on fixing implementing, removing features, and improving the engine. If you observe closely, forum moderators might possess the “Developer Relations” or “Roblox Staff” role, not “Forum Moderator”. My main point is, that even if you have a few staff active every hour of the day, you can’t redirect all of their attention to moderating the forum. On the other hand, hiring a full team to work solely on moderating the forum is expensive and inefficient. In my opinion, it’s good the way it is.


True, but Roblox really shouldn’t be spending any more effort than now on managing the forum. Roblox and Studio itself is a lot more important, anyways.


they do tho. they work at roblox.

2 entirely different fields

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There are several dedicated moderators as I understand. They can absolutely hire someone else 8 hours around the globe.


I acknowledged this in the original post and elsewhere in the thread, please read before responding.

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The Roblox admins acknowledged the timezone problem or the OP?

Because as far as I can tell, I don’t think Roblox said anything about this issue tbh.

I’m a bit confused here, so I’m not sure if the admins are actually aware of the problem or not.

Because I have seen trolls become more active on DevForum when it’s midnight or after that, so it’s defiantly something they should plan for.


My take:

Forum Moderation can’t be active 24/7. They’re human beings.

Troll posts will always inevitably be taken down. Just flag the post and don’t give it attention, or else you’re giving the troll exactly what he wants.

Point being: Rule Breaking posts will can taken down eventually. Sometimes you’ll have to wait :man_shrugging:


The whole point of moderation is to keep the forum clean. If they fail to respond to posts due to the time of day, then that leads to the forum quality degrading for users active when moderation is absent.

Time zones exist. See above.


I’m aware of timezones. And I’m also aware that they can hire more moderators in different timezones to moderate. I don’t think that’s Roblox’s priority right now.

Sometimes you’ll just have to wait. Not everything happens at an instant. The posts will eventually get taken down. That’s what matters.

The whole reason troll posts gain so much attention is because people, including me, decide to reply to the post instead of flag it, thus giving the troll exactly what he wants.

Just don’t give the post attention and it won’t be as big of an issue.


Troll posts inevitably get taken down. That’s what matters. Don’t give them attention until then.


The day that a user was posting gore, they were not only all asleep for roughly 4 hours, but the dude got a singular feedback by a DET member (despite many manual flags on outright gore posts, from me and I want to believe many others - goes to show how seriously an all caps flag saying “GORE POST. LITERAL DEAD BODY HERE.” is taken) and proceeded to keep going for another 3 hours before he started getting punishment messages, and even then after he got a suspension message he wasn’t actually suspended or even punished at all for another hour after that.

A total of 8 hours where he was posting gore, spam, and general rule breaking posts without anything stopping him, with at least one moderator certifiably on for a minimum of 4 of those hours.
Surely out of the 23 DET members there would be at least one online during that time. 8 hours is literally the same length as a 9-5 job, an entire day worth if you will.

However you also have to consider that only 9 of the DET are regularly online/have been seen in the past few weeks, only about 5-6 of which actually do anything/interact in literally any way on here, and on top of that only about 4 of those are known to actually read the manual flags and enforce the rules most of the time, and on top of all that it’s most likely that most, if not all of the DET members are American, so yeah odds are they were 100% literally asleep.


They’re for the actual creators not forum spammers.

Owned by the same struggling company. Look, Roblox have problems they must fix, and if they got more budget, staffs, time they would probably add new updates, fix the fundamentals (Studio, Engine, Main Web/App), because DevForum is seriously useful, but not essential to the company. (Most of the best DEVs made their game without forum.)

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Last time I checked, they haven’t closed down the forum features category. People can and will make suggestions here, and until they close it, don’t use “oh they have bigger issues” as an excuse for complacency.

I’m not suggesting they drop everything and work on this specifically, all I’m trying to do is make sure that Roblox understands this is an issue.

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This reminds me of the rake situation.

Brings back soo many bad memories. Brrrr.

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You have to be patient, if you expect a right away moderation or like in 10 minutes you have to deal with it. Plus if many people flags the post, the system would do the thing i forgot.

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