Forum Posts that don't get any responses for 30 days should be archived

A lot of really old threads keep showing up on my active threads list because someone keeps necrobumping them.

If a thread is dead, its dead. There’s no good reason for it to be revived, and new discussions should be in a new thread :stuck_out_tongue:


That being said, maybe the OP should be allowed to unlock the thread for further discussion if necessary.

For someone like RobloTim though, he’s long gone, and 3.0 has evolved into other things.

Forums in general need to be redone. Which is hopefully something that’s happening.

If someone bumps a post then the issue has not been resolved yet.
I usually post a thread about an issue, then wait and if nothing has been done to it in a month or so I’ll bump it to raise the issue again.

Would only be confusing having to write a new thread every time you want to highlight an old non addressed issue.

An incredibly large majority of threads on the ROBLOX forums are not issue-related and the ones that get necrobumps are usually spammy. I’d say giving the OP the ability to lock and unlock their thread at any time would be pretty useful. (Of course if locked my an admin it should be locked for good)

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We are talking about the ROBLOX Forums. Not RBXDev. On the ROBLOX Forums, after a month, your thread will have been buried by at least 50,000 new threads,


I stand by my opinion that the Forums should be removed in its entirety and cut it in to individual “discussion boards” tied to each group and game (like Steam).

Piles upon piles of problems could be fixed. I honestly don’t understand why the global ROBLOX forums are still around as they are extremely outdated and anything useful rarely comes out of them.