Forum security for GFX images

Greetings, I’m Paul, and I’m just concerned about issues concerning copyright of art and GFX when posting them here in the DevForum.

This Issue
I noticed people kept posting GFX or their artwork here in the DevForum to get feedback or support through #help-and-feedback:cool-creations or #help-and-feedback:art-design-support categories.
Though the security risk here, is that the Forum gave the ability to download images from the posts here in the Forum.
This is actually a Copyright Security Issue because let’s just say a person downloaded and copied the GFX or artwork of the person who originally made the product, though when they were confronted, they will send fake photos through photo manipulation that the original owner confirmed that it was not copyrighted though it was originally locked with copyright. This will actually make confusions especially if they attempted to report this via Moderation because of the fact, the online burglar made a fake evidence about the original owner uncopylocked his/her own work, which is actually a security risk.

If this could be addressed this could actually reduce the risk of online copyright risks that are lurking around the community today.


The people who copy it will probably have no use for it because the GFX is meant for a certain client so people who copy it won’t have a use for it.

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What’s your suggestion for addressing it? This is the exact same everywhere on the internet, and on Roblox. If people want to commit crime they will, and you should report anyone stealing your work and passing it off as their own.

For you to view the image it has to be sent to your computer, they can’t prevent that. It’s up to the poster to include watermarks or chase copyright infringement.


I sort of understand where you are coming from but that is really not an issue. I myself do GFX on this platform and I do upload it to the developer forum sometimes but you quite simply put a watermark on your work so it isn’t able to be stolen.

Well, actually see here, let’s just say some online criminal got your work, then you send a report to Roblox moderation, when he was confronted, he manipulated the image of where you posted the work, for example you posted it here in the DevForum, then he will take a picture about the post, then changed what it says through photo manipulation claiming it was uncopylocked though it was originally copylocked which also the cyber criminal made the moderation team believe that you just changed the post and he will also make them believe that he copied it ‘accidentally’.

I’m not saying this will happen to anybody here, I’m just concerned what if this happens.

I understand what you’re saying. That is crime, and you can report it wherever you need to. There are multiple ways to prove you didn’t send the message, as you can’t delete messages after a while here on devforum.

My question was, what is your suggestion for addressing this? You can’t stop people from viewing photos other than by not uploading them. It is the uploader’s responsibility to protect their IP.

My suggestion for addressing this is, that they should remove the ‘download’ feature in the image. The forum should have remove this feature to lessen the copyright issue. The forum should also install an online security copyright where people could take a picture of the Forum, if there is issues, though they couldn’t take screenshots of the specific content.

Preventing download from the download button won’t stop people saving the image. Even disabling the context menu with a right click won’t stop that. The image has to be sent to your computer for you to see it, and can be easily obtained through developer tools or just inspecting the content.

Devforum can’t stop you from taking a screenshot as they’d need access to your entire computer and it would be quite unethical. Anyone can screenshot your GFX or your messages.

Additionally, anyone can manipulate the html of the page and make it look like you said things you didn’t. This is true with every single website ever, as it is rendered locally by your browser.

The only way to stop people getting your image is to not upload it. You can, however, make it difficult for people to use it by including a watermark. And you can file takedown requests and report infringement if someone does choose to use your IP.

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Well, actually let me give you some facts concerning this.
I attempted to take a screenshot of something from the Philippine law website, but when I attempted to screenshot there is a message on my phone claiming, ‘Screenshot prevented due to website security policy’.
This actually made it clear, to set up a website security policy protection to prevent screenshots of other people’s work.

Actually, I’d prefer this should only be applied to when the screen is viewing the specific image, they could still take a screenshot of the forum
page just not the specific content.

That’s relying on the browser to honour it, and it won’t work on a computer. They also can’t stop your from screen recording. Mobiles are very different to PCs in their permissions and limited ways to take a screenshot.

Ok, I understand, thank you for your statement.

Though won’t it reduce the cyber copyright crime if they’d just apply this for mobile users?
Also, based on your post earlier, you said we should report somebody if somebody stole your work, well I agree that’s correct, but what if they already used it a long time ago then you just noticed they stole it ones somebody reported it to you or when you came to check out their game.
It’s actually a little bit more difficult to report this to moderation since what I said earlier they might change your post through photo manipulation that they had permission to copy your work, and also people will already support the side of the cyber criminal because it looks like he was the one who made it, though originally it was not him.

The problem is making it more difficult for regular people to use the forum to protect something that isn’t the DevForum’s job to protect.

I guarantee I would be able to take a screenshot of that site on my phone without any additional software. I personally think it would be a waste of time for the developers to create this feature for a small subset of devices, who can screenrecord and take a screenshot of the recording, use another browser, or another device.

If the person wants the image so desperately as to fake extremely good images of you supposedly giving them permission, you won’t stop them without making the forum useless for regular people.

If they are allowed to send in evidence then so are you. Provide counter evidence of when you made the image and that you never sent those messages they have claimed to be from you. How many times has this happened to you in the past?

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Well, honestly, this never happened to me, though I had a friend in real-life who shared his experience about this, I never got the name of his Roblox username though he claimed he’s a part of the DevForum, and he thought the cyber criminal got the image due to him posting it here in the Developer Forum last year when I was still not a member of the Developer Forum.

Though, I would like to thank you @BanTech for contributing for this specific issue and I hope you have a great day, also remember to follow the steps to avoid Covid-19.

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Not sure what to say here – welcome to the internet?

Don’t share things here if you don’t want to risk others taking a copy and using it, and you aren’t prepared / equipped to take legal action against anyone who does. This forum is basically public.


Yea I agree. Usually to prevent my GFX’es from being stolen when I post them one here, I slap on a watermark cover like most images you see online like images from Shutterstock.