Forum Support Too Slow

I created a report around 7 months ago on a user who openly scammed me out of 3k Robux. I provided all the proof needed, and yet never got a response from staff. This is very frustrating as a developer who hired them through this platform, to only have nothing done in response to a scam.

I figure this an automated message, but when I asked for a response I heard nothing. There needs to be an improvement on moderation, even maybe a scam investigation department. Scamming is a massive problem on this forum and needs more attention.

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The forum is not a place to report scams, you’ll have to contact roblox support to help you.

And yes, that is indeed a canned response, the infamous canned response. It basically means they ignored your flag because it was incorrect. When you flag a post it is because the post breaks the rules, not because of something the user did that is unrelated.


I reported a user’s portfolio for scamming me, and they should take it down when I provided the proof. I don’t care about getting the robux back, I care about people who may hire them off this forum.

They shouldn’t take the topic down because scamming is not against the DevForum rules; it is against the rules of the Roblox platform itself.

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They don’t respond beyond that. Check if the user got suspended. If not, then you didn’t provide enough or verifiable proof.

If there isn’t enough proof, or somewhere else to report, they should respond with that information instead of ignoring me. That’s poor moderation

Indeed this is true, but It’s very frustrating to loose 3k robux Indeed.

Also keep in mind that the @moderators inbox is set to tracking, this means only a count of new replies is shown, however they won’t be notified. This is the discourse default. You are better off contactng the DevEngagementTeam group, however I still don’t recommend this and you are better off contacting roblox support, since the scamming occurred on, not

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