Forum Time Bugged?!

Hello, so I just noticed a bug.
Everything in 1h instead of 1m:

I also posted this thread like 2 mins ago and look what happened:

Is this just me or the whole forums? Kind of freaky.


“New” doesn’t just need actual fresh topics. Depending on your settings, it can be:


You probably also have it set to “when I haven’t viewed them yet” (or the past x days option), so however old the topic is (to some extent), it is still considered new.

Edit: My bad, I thought this was just a setting, but seems like an actual bug.

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No its not, its for the topics I just posed not even this topic says 1h for me.

Look I just made this, and its saying 1h for this one as well.

For me it’s always 2h. I don’t know whats going on. I’m surprised no one reported this bug earlier.

It happened to me too! I posted something about 10-20 minutes. Then it turned to 1 hour! I’m not sure what’s happening.

It’s better to provide more information on the original post for the staff to look into the problem. Since it’s not happening to me, it might be a browser-specific problem or something.

Check your timezone on the forum, I think someone made a similar report when daylights saving hit.


It’s not happening to me, weird, very weird, generally bugs are for everyone

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Same for me it just went from 1m to 1h within seconds

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No my tome zone has not changed, and that shouldn’t affect how long ago it posted it.

It is when I get on my phone it works and shows the time correctly but when I get on pc it’s not. @DevRelationsTeam can you take a look at this.

Ah that’s why I’m on the phone

What’s weird is that it says the post was made 3 hours ago. But the latest reply was 2 hours ago (the reply was just about 5-10 min after the post, not a whole hour) So, then my topic was on the collaboration space for just about 2-4 min instead of others that stay for 5-10 min.

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I am getting this issue too:

It should say 52m instead of 1h

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Yeah, I think it’s a forum problem. Not just the timezone.

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For you I think that’s just rounded be for me instead of 1 minute I get 1 hour I think that the dev Fourms are bugged right now.

Can’t confirm, not happening to me right now.

The forum I believe uses estimated times to prevent an overload on storage. For example, if you were to go to an old thread, you will probably see that the date will always be 17, no matter what date in the month it was posted on. After all, there are a lot of posts on the Dev forum.

No, Discourse stores full timestamps on anything. If a datetime is 8 bytes, it would only take up 8MB per a million posts, so that concern isn’t realistic.

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