Forum videos glitched?

Hi! Is it just me with this issue? I can’t seem to upload many videos.

following format
When you attempt to attach a video / file, it will normally say it’s “too big.” My video here, is Exactly 8 seconds long. That’s a very low time, while other people can upload 40 second videos. This is a screenshot taken from File Explorer. image
Then, I proceeded to get the “too big error”.
As soon as I had posting permissions, this began.

How to reproduce:

  • Open any Video Recording app
  • Record a 15-25 second clip
  • Export it, and try to attach it in a message.
  • It’s not consistent, and it’s very random, but it might happen

Thanks for any support!

“Too large” means the file size is too large, not the length in terms of time. Your file is 10MB but the limit here is 2MB. You have two options now:

  • Link the video to a site where you upload it (like Google Drive)
  • Compress the video the limit amount and normally upload it

Edit: Whoops, just realized the limit is actually much higher than 2MB. It must’ve been updated because it was 2MB the last time I uploaded a video.


2MB is way too small. Also, I see people with, for example, 40 second videos. I feel like they should do something like Apple, and have a “keep” button underneath videos, and delete it from the server in 30 mins, or an hour.

Also, I thought 1k KB → 1MB.

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That is not viable. First of all, 40 second videos CAN be less than 2MB if they’re low quality. Second, you can’t have them deleted because people viewing the post afterward will not have any clue as to what the video contained. To keep the context from breaking, media on the Forum exists for quite a long time. I’ve only seen non-loading images/videos from a couple years back at the least.

Those 40 second videos you see people with are probably 140p quality so it is not a large file, and sometimes they post YouTube videos on the DevForum which doesn’t have a storage limit

But there’s no option to lower the quallity, and I don’t feel like uploading a YT video EVERY TIME. The file limit should be bigger.
This will only keep getting larger, and more annoying.

My bad, it’s an 8 SECOND VIDEO. WHY!?

That is false. I’ve done a test and uploaded a 6 MB video with no errors.


@TheCarbyneUniverse The limit size (it literally says it on their screenshot) is of 30240kb, wich are ~29mb .

This might actually be a bug, but the workaround (as said in the many replies here) is uploading it to a cloud storage service and then paste the link.

Also, leght ≠ size, so you should take that into consideration.

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I find it very annoying to need to upload.

Should fit. Reminder: My file is about 1/3 of that.

Yep this is super annoying and has happed to me as well.

This is the worst part about it.

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Sorry for the confusion, the text on the modal is wrong. I’ve adjusted it.

The maximum size of any upload is 10MB, so your video of 10.2MB is too large to be uploaded directly to this forum. You could use an allowed external site (review our rules/TOS) to host it and link it in a post, or try reducing video size.


So this is all a typo? The Windows Calculator said my file is 1/3 of the “file limit”

You might have misread my response, I said the file limit is actually 10MB and that what you saw in the error message is a typo.

10.2MB is more than 10MB.


Yes, I know. I always knew the File Limit as larger.

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