[FOUND AN ARTIST] Roblox based YouTube Channel Rebrand

Hiring an Artist (Preferably drawing)

Hello! I’m Lava and I’m a rising Roblox YouTuber. I’ve been on the platform for over 4 years now and started becoming a content creator in early 2019.

Some background:

I started off with 0 subscribers and 1 video on Jan 3, 2019. I had no setup, just an Asus Eeebook (Laptop). A year later, I had grown with 10,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 views overall on my channel. I got monetised quite fast meaning I was able to get a better desktop.

I’ve had this channel logo for a year now and it’s getting pretty old and drying out. I’ve been searching for talented artists to do this for a while but never got round to doing it.


  • Prices can be discussed but keep in mind I’m looking for someone to do it for between 400 - 2000 robux.
  • You MUST show a portfolio.
  • Must have at least one year of experience in Roblox artwork.

This is the type of art I’m looking for (or something similiar):



Or it could be something simple. Don’t refrain from contacting me because your art doesn’t look like this. I’m always looking for now styles!

  • I’m not looking for advanced (like raainby advanced)
  • I don’t want a background, other than being transparent. I basically want it to be my channel mascot.
  • Only one icon. I don’t care if its a headshot or half-body, I just don’t want a full-body as it would look weird on a tiny icon.

You may be wondering, why am I asking for something quite advanced with a low budget? The examples I listed above were things I found cool and it would be awesome if I could find artists like that. But, I’m always looking for more styles of art and they could be really simple!


You can contact me here, via the devforum. Alternatively, you can contact me through my Roblox Profile.

If you’re wondering what my YouTube channel is, here’s the link:

Don’t be afraid to reply with any questions/concerns regarding this post! :upside_down_face:

hey, I’m Em and i’m interested!

Discord: qt.emm !#4961

Portfolio:[ FOR HIRE ] MagicaIIyMade | Graphics Artist Portfolio

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Hello, @MagicaIIyMade.

Your work is amazing but I’m currently looking for drawing artists instead of Roblox Renders.

Keep it up though! :heart:

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Hello! I’m a 2D Artist and I’m interested in the job!
Portfolio: [CLOSED] Azza | 2D Artist and Graphic Designer | Logos, gamepasses, icons, ads and more
Discord: Azza #3032
Have a nice day! :smile:


Howdy! If you still need an artist, then I’d be happy to help!
Portfolio: [OPEN!] memeBOI_lit1337 | Digital Artist for hire!
Discord: memeBOI#3871

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Are you looking for a profile picture?


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I’ve found an artist now. Thanks for the offer though, your work is amazing. :upside_down_face:

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