Found my old web swinging script

I couldn’t get onto my account but I found the remnants of my old web swinging



oh right, how much would you sell it for IF thats the case?

Well Im not using it anymore so how high would you go

I have like 100 right now BUT I will be getting more robux eventually besides the fact im premium 1000 and that I have group funds.

I could give you a cool spider-man ps4 suit aswell if my friend(who made it) gives me permission to.

Alright what will it be used for?

a group that I have running alongside a few friends, its not gonna be a huge game or anything, just for an RP group. and if thats where you’re getting, yes you’ll get credit.

Woah nice job :anguished:
This looks so cool!

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lookin good there spidey :cowboy_hat_face:

So I managed to get more robux just now…tell me if 800 is enough.

I dont think 800 is enough for a script that good :joy:

he said he’s not using it anymore, icicle can we take this to some sort of DMs, im getting embarassed by people talking over our conversation.

my guy do you have a problem with my IGN? do you want to take this to a roblox DMs over something so little? is there a problem or are you just acting unprofessional. if you want to create an argument about this, please take it somewhereelse…roblox dev forums is no place for judging people by their in-game names.

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Besides the animation, it looks really nice.

ok that’s actually awesome man, like, that version of it looks so much better than the other one i saw on Roblox(you literally can swing in the middle of the air)

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Ig we can all agree on that, it is awesome

Pretty fun to see that Spiderman found his old web swinging script, lol

On topic:

I saw your post about web swinging when you posted it the first time and I will say it again: Looks pretty cool! Some more animations could work to give spiderman a bit more dynamism, but good job overall

LOL did you use inspect? because uhhh icicle started the thread.

No, the image is the last person that answered the post

ohhhh right. thanks for the correction.