[FOUND] Need voice actor

I found somebody that seems to be a perfect fit willing to do this for a much cheaper price than what I have listed, so I am currently not hiring for this position anymore (unless something goes wrong with the person I’ve hired).

About Us

Hi! I’m currently working on my game which is planned to release some time this fall.

About The Job

I am looking for a voice actor to say several phrases like “5, 4, 3 , 2, 1 LIFTOFF!” or “Stage 1 Separation Complete”. Note that those are just examples and there are some more phrases I will have planned for you to say.

I will be expecting these audios to be fully ready and sent to me by this weekend.

I will be asking for your previous work in Discord DM’s.


Payment will be discussed in DM’s. I can pay up to 5k Robux for all the lines. (it’ll be roughly 15 seconds worth of audio in total)

Contact Us

Send me a friend request on Discord and we’ll talk there: lolheads#5854

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Sent a friend request on Discord.

Please don’t come up to me and say stuff like this:

I have made it very clear in my post that I will be asking for your previous work in Discord DM’s.

I am looking for already developed people that have previous experience, not people that are still “working their way up the ladder”.

So beasue I am new to roblox developing you are just going to call me out for it. Nice doing. (Also it’s against the TOS).

Hi! I’m very interested in this role. I do not have any examples at the moment however I’d happily record some sample audios. Unfortunately, I do not have access to my computer at the moment meaning I can’t contact you on Discord just yet. I’ll send a friend request tomorrow. I do have experience - I used to record YouTube videos where I would use my voice. I have also recently got a new microphone so that will help! :slight_smile:

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