FOUND non-playing animation bug (Repo file, very clear!)

When you put a gun in starterpack it will work. But if you instead use a script to parent the gun in the players backpack, then the animation won’t play.

Repo file: GlockError.rbxl (70.4 KB)
NOTE: You might have to export the animation to yourself to use it, it contains the animation so it’s just to load that one. Test it in simulated servers only.

I’v spent a the whole day yesterday, from morning til midnight trying to figure out how to fix this glitch with no progress.
Today however I managed to trap the bug in this simple repo file.

_The glock 26 and the StarterPackGlock is exactly the same gun but the animations will only work on the starterpackglock…_¨

I use Humanoid to load animations because you can’t use AnimationController with localscripts in FE. It insists on creating a new Animator object even if it already has one inside it. This Animator object is not created on server side tho.

This is because the outer Humanoid (one inside the character) takes control of the gun joints depending on the parenting order.

I have a fix to make it so that joints are always controlled by the most nested Humanoid, as well as a fix for AnimationController Animator management; both will ship next week.

Meanwhile you should be able to play the animation on the character Humanoid (and remove the Humanoid from the gun) - that should fix the issue.


Dude, if this fixes the issue then you’ll be my favourite roblox staff XD

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