Four Recent Animations

Hey so I recently made four animations in the span of two days, wasn't rushing or anything 
just took my handy dandy time with it. I'm looking for some feedback and ways to improve 
my animation.

Note: I have not animated in a month.


Sword Swings
Anvil idle
Jojo Walk
One Hand Pocket Walk

Have a nice day.

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Make the sword swings a little bit slower in between swings, also nice anims!

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You are looking for work? is the best way to describe it, this stuff is crazy good, extremely fluid no breaks. I love it.

I sped them up because the commissioner wanted the animations to be somewhat quick, appreciate it though

You taking commissions at all?

Yeah they’re open right now, here’s my discord where we can talk more: trulysmoosh#8686

The sword-swinging animation is pretty smooth but there isn’t a wine up so it doesn’t really sell the weight of the attack.

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There is a wind-up but it’s just a small window, it’s a medium sword so it shouldn’t be hard to swing it around. Their in the wind-up pose for the next attack right after they swing