Foxhole Inspired Game

Hello fellow developers.

In the past weeks I’ve spent some serious time creating my game. It is mostly inspired by the popular war game, Foxhole. However I am wondering if it is technically feasible to create such a game on this platform. I am more worried about the server aspect. (Yes it will only be PC)

For those who are not familiar with Foxhole, it is a massively multiplayer online game where players engage in large-scale battles to control territory and resources. The game takes place in a persistent world, with players able to build and destroy structures, gather resources, and craft weapons and vehicles.

The game would be divided into multiple instances, each representing a different area of the map. Each server(game instance) would somehow have to communicate with each other, allowing players to enter different regions, save data(structures, players, items). This would allow a large player base(500+) to techinally be playing on the same server at the same time(but not really).

With this is mind, do you think its feasible? If it is, do you have any ideas how to organize servers and communication between them?


It’s an interesting idea. Cross server communication is definitely possible (Cross-Server Messaging | Roblox Creator Documentation)

Depending on what kind of budget you’re working with, I can see having your own (non-Roblox) server would definitely be helpful for this too. You could then communicate using HttpService | Roblox Creator Documentation