FPS Drops on recent days

So, it’s been a while, No like a year that I’ve noticed a massive FPS drop on Roblox Platform. I used to use the website and used to get pretty much good FPS but now it’s just unplayable. I’ve tried it on the Desktop app from Microsoft store. The FPS is pretty good there but there are still some problems with the cursor like it’s not locking properly and it’s really glitchy. The graphics was set on Automatic on the website version but it still lags like hell. If I set the graphics to manual, it starts to lag. The Mobile version is stable by the way. I never had these issues, is there any fix?


Well I think it could be 2 things.

  1. Either your PC is the problem, or
  2. The games you’re playining now takes a lot more from your computer than it can give.

umm, I’ve tested it on another PC but it gives up the same result. And if it was a PC problem then I think the desktop version should’ve gave the same scenario :neutral_face:

Hmm, it makes sense yea. I haven’t played Roblox for a few days now, is it just recently you’ve been experiencing it, or was it over a long period of time?

It started over a year ago but it was pretty playable, but recently it’s unplayable

I really have no idea to be honest. I mean, it works perfectly fine for me.