FPS Game Animations Feedback

Hello Developers,
I was recently working on an FPS game, and just finished the framework. I wanted to showcase my animations (please keep in mind this is my first time animating using Motor6D’s). The guns don’t work, like doing damage and aiming, but reloads and firing noises work.

After the game is finished, I’ll Open-Source the fps framework for you all to use, expect it in around 5 - 6 months!


Any Feedback is Appreciated,


The animations look a bit robotic, you could use easing styles, such as Cubic to make it look smoother.

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The animation is good but here are some improvements you could make :

  1. Like someone else mentioned you should probably use easing styles and change the animations pace to something faster.

  2. You should add a gun switching and gun taking out animation (make it look dramatic)

  3. You should add a recoil animation whenever the player shoots ( or else it would confuse you whether you’re shooting or not if your audio is off )

Maybe try to look at a game like Arsenal or Phantom Forces and inspire from them.


Same as user dev_symphony. Looks a bit robotic, maybe ad an equip animation, recoil, and the arm movement stays at one speed, which makes it more robotic

I totally agree with this. Same feedback from my side as well. But besides, very good job done! I could never do that for my 1st animation. There are many improvements that can be done. But, taking the first step is the most important part. Keep it up!

I suggest you add some recoil and stuff to the other guns, and easy way to do this is with springs, like the ones in Designing an FPS Framework: Beginner’s guide [PART 2].

this is an honest opinion from an animator

No, it is not. The reload animation is very bad, the arm just moves from one point to another, no easing, no movement, no timing, and if you look very closely the mag is just teleport point to point, not really attached with the hand and the bolt is the same.

My word may be too harsh. I know this is your first time but

so yea.


I like it, just that when you reload, the hand goes above the gun

Understandable, however if you pay attention, the bolt is moving.

That’s supposed to be an HK slap reload

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That’s cool, add some recoil and muzzle flash and then you have a great setup

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You look like a robot. Animations are awkward and unappealing. Especially the first one with the gun roatation.

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That was unnecessary and random.

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too robotic and linear and the gun is literally moving on its own and the sounds don’t match and are too realistic for the animation, you can literally see the back of the hand, like not that

The animations have now been revamped, I will be making a showcase demo of it later.

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Make the animation less ruff its quite weird

Great so far! I think it would be even better with recoil and some idle animation

Everything has been revamped, recoil, muzzle flash, ammo gui, Ill be making a demo soon.

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need to work a little more on this and so everything is fine

I agree, the hand clips through the entire gun, It lags and looks robotic, it definetly needs improvement

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