FPS Game Idea! - Name Needed and Feedback!

So I while back I had the thought that I wanted to make an FPS game! But not just a normal FPS game, I wanted to make one that is like arsenal and laser tag put together!

Game Mechanics Ideas
  • Click to Shoot
  • C or Left Ctrl to Crouch
  • Shift to toggle sprint
  • Weapon Specific Statistics like Damage and Velocity
  • Bullet ricochet
  • Double tap C or press X to Slide

I already started scripting a bit. It has been only a few days and I already have a semi functional weapon module, using Fastcast and Partcache. But I only have 1 weapon at the moment.

Weapon Design Ideas

Right now the game only has one functioning weapon, which is a berretta M9, which’s 3D model I found online. But I want to learn 3D Modeling and make my own weapons, here is the design ideas:

  • Weapon shell is white or black colored like a laser gun
  • Weapon has LED’s on them that color matches the Players Team.

All I don’t have any ideas for is Maps. If the game ends up doing well (probably won’t). I have plans of attempting to make a custom Map Creation System, where you can create a Custom Map, or Use other peoples Custom Maps in your private server.

Current Progress

So here is the game

How to Play

  • Go to loadout > Weapons > Handguns
  • Hit the back Button
  • Click Deploy and wait a second.
  • Boom! Now you can shoot and kill the dummies!

Note only few mechanics implemented at the moment!

Now that I have told you about my game Idea, I need a Name. So please if you have a good game name idea for this please comment it. And say “Game Name Idea: NAME HERE” so I can find it easily. Also comment any suggestions, thanks.

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I have several things to share, by what I think.

Game name

I honestly don’t have a good name idea, but I have though if something like “Lazer Royale” but that’s not very good. But you could also try a random name generator you can find on internet. As I sometimes use that for an inspiration for me to make my OWN title. If that makes sense.

Game Feedback

I’m actually not at my computer, but if you a considering it for mobile-it honestly needs some work. Some of the guis are off the screen including text. And I cannot deploy on mobile after following your instructions. Not to mention none of the buttons have text on them. Just a small white line.


I hope my feedback helped. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Ok Thank you. You also noticed something that I thought I fixed. The game wasn’t supposed to be playable on mobile, so I went and fixed that in the game settings… But when I do release for mobile I will test my UI. I am new to UI design, I mostly do programming/scripting. Thank you for your feedback.

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