FPS System M79 Grenade Launcher

I’ve continued to work on an FPS system with @zaniac10 and we’ve recently added a new weapon and some movement functionality. I modeled and animated an M79 grenade launcher which is shown in the video below. Also added was some more visual fidelity to the viewmodel itself, like the gun tilting in the direction you walk.

Projectile is currently hitscan as a placeholder. Will be physical in later versions.

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Ok, I’d gotta say that this is cool! Nice work!

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Looks awesome! In my opinion, I think it should launch projectile instead of hitscan.

Keep up the good work!

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I don’t know how some people do this but that looks amazing!

This is great! The model has the right proportions and good textures, and on top of that the animations are smooth and good to look at! Hope this project continues to grow and expand, and good luck!

The projectile being hitscan and not a physical object is just a placeholder for the time being.

This looks amazing; the detail on the model is superb! I look forward to seeing this game being released!