FPS thumbnail for a Lowpoly game!

Oh no, I’m in trouble now. I need to find a way to terminate these guys and escape as fast as possible!

Hey Devs! I’ve made a thumbnail for a Lowpoly FPS game! The person who hired me is really happy with it! What about you guys?

Feedback is appreciated!!

Details about the GFX
  • Added realistic muzzle flash for the realistic shooting effect

  • Added bullet as if the character is shooting as well as bullet case falling down from the side of the gun. I’ve paid attention to the falling angle and stuff… Physics :3

  • Made the characters at the back look fear and running away and one crouched.

  • Added smoke effects to the scene as well as to the gun!


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I noticed that the muzzle flash isn’t in front of the end of barrel, but behind it.

As per the reply above, I first thought the bullet was the barrel and the muzzle flash was just clipping. In the future, finding a way to change that observation would be good, perhaps by moving the bullet further out and shrinking the size of the muzzle flash and/or turning the opacity down - they aren’t really that large too. For a low-poly game I was expecting the characters to match that theme too but that is the design choice of the game dev I suppose. Purple guy’s horns are really busy and blend in with that second-floor deck too much (especially at thumbnail size), so that is something to watch out for.

I really like how well the render came out, the guns look absolutely amazing! The muzzle flash also looks like real flame which is really cool. The bystander-citizens in the background fleeing in terror is a good addition that sort of hints to spontaneity/hectic-ness of the current situation. I can see why the client was happy with the result, it looks nice!

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No no, the flame is in front of the muzzle. Actually, that’s bullet… It looks like muzzle.

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Oh well, I’ve put the bullet very far from the muzzle. It still looks like muzzle lol I will look into it!

The purple guy’s antelers have some problem… I’ve changed the blend mode. But they don’t change color…

I’m glad that you liked my thumbnail!! Much obliged :3