FPS viemodel collision physics freaking out why?

Hello! I have run into a little problem. I’m trying to attach a ViewModel to my camera, the thing is when I look down at the ground with the ViewModel attached the physics freaks out and pushes me around. Why?

local Stats =  CFrame.new(0,-1.5,-0.4)
Rig:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(Camera.CFrame * Stats)

I have turned off Cancollide and anchored. And even changed the Collision group to one I’m not using.
But it still bugs out my character

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You might want to convert the guns into Tools, then change the holding animation to the two arms, and use the AddToPopperCamIgnore function to show the arms, instead of creating your own phantom arms.

My guess is, either a part on the gun or the arms are colliding with your surroundings.

The reason I use a seperate rig is to make the arms follow the camera vertically too. And I have double checked all the parts in the tool and the arms can collide is off on all of them. :confused:

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Are you making the arms part of the player character model?
Also, are you using Humanoid.Touched anywhere in your code?

You have to create a new collision group and make it not collide with the default one.

View model
This code will set collision of the view model parts to not collide with the default group so that the view model doesn’t collide with other things anymore.

local children = ViewModel:GetChildren()
for i = 1, #children do
	if (children[i]:IsA("BasePart")) then
		physicsService:SetPartCollisionGroup(children[i], "viewModel");

Thank you so much that worked! :smiley: