FPS ViewModel having weird collision glitches

The ViewModel in my FPS game has some really weird glitches. For example, when I look down, my character shoots up in the air, and if that doesn’t happen, it does get thrown around.

I am sure it is because of the humanoid in there, and the reason I have a humanoid inside of the ViewModel is because I need to have animations for reloading and stuff. Every part is not CanCollide or Anchored.

Here is an example of what’s happening.
epic video of me getting launched in the air dot com.wmv


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Try using this, Making an FPS framework: 2020 edition
It has even an uncopylocked place.

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This question has been asked many times in the past, I’ll link you to a post I made replying to a topic with the same issue: Help on view model collisions!

Hope this helped.