(FPS) Where to start?

I want to create first person shooter games like Counter Strike where you can buy weapons with in game currency, round system with objective (planting bomb). I hardly find any good scripting tutorial on Youtube about fps game. So where should i start learning about all of this?


i read that thread before but i dont understand none of it.


I assume That is because you don’t understand the basics of scriptings yet.


Creating a great FPS game like Counter Strike requires an advanced knowledge of math and scripting. And If you really do not know what stuff in that post does means, I think you should start learning those math problems. But If you Do not even know ANYTHING about it, I assume you haven’t got basic scripting skills too, and start learning it. And about the post that @snowstormsindecember said, that post requires some knowledge as they said in there:


i think you should start off with learning the basics of scripting before making a game like counter strike, i recommend watching tutorials and beginner guides to learn and to decipher open source codes

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A thing you should know are you won’t find scripting tutorials for FPS games on Youtube, even if you do, probably not that advance or will be outdated.

The best thing to do is to learn the Core Components or basics of scripting first, for FPS Systems, with basics I mean like Tables, Functions, Variables.

Then start learning pretty advance stuff like utilizing ModuleScripts, OOP etc.

Also the dev forum and developer hub API, will be really helpful while you learn.

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start by learning to make something waaaaay simpler than a game that was made by a professional development team. For example start by learning to make a simple gun and nothing else. Just so that 2 players can spawn in and shoot each other. Then learn to make simple stats so that you can track kills and deaths. and so on, learning one little bit at a time, that is how i learned