Frame doesn't appear?

Hello guys, why does the frame not appear but the visible is set to true? It works fine on the other game, but when I put it into the main game, the frame of the vehicle doesn’t appear. I tested it out on a on a small game, but it works well. any reason?

It should be like this ( on a small game )

The only logical {most} reason this is happening is cause of the ZIndex.

Not gonna ignore the fact you drew over the zindex in this picture, but in the other it isnt drew over.


Check the Zindex as the guy above me said already

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Never mind, I fixed it. I copied the whole thing from the small game to the main game. It turns out Roblox doesn’t copy it correctly, and the size frame became NaN, not how it was supposed to be.

Just noticed, on the first picture it says “size: 0, 0”, while on the other isn’t 0 and is properly set.

Eitheraway an other fix could be that you recreate the main frame again or set the layoutorder to not be that huge [which also MAY result into this happening]
could be helpful in some cases with frames


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