Frame Scale Issue

Hey guys, Basically I’m trying to create a Google Material themed UI, though I’m having trouble with the scaling.

I’ve set the Size to “0.5, 0, 0.001, 0”, and It doesnt appear. Once I set the position to something other than what it currently is (0.5, 0, 0.5, 0) You can visibly see the “Line”. It’s fairly thin as the Y axis is 0.001, but you can very clearly see it. It’s not visible at the Positon 0.5, 0, 0.5, 0, but is at every other position. Thanks!

(Main points I believe would be Position, Size, And AnchorPoint.)
The properties in which the error happens in:

What I see:

The fixed properties:

What I see when it’s fixed:
(Sorry for the first post being horribly written, I’m fairly tired right now.)


Could you explain it in a more clear way?
1.I don’t understand your problem.
2.You wording is hard to understand.
3.Including some images would help a lot.


Hello waylxn. I believe you could have written this thread better. It is unprofessional to me, and you have used the follow phrases:

I emphasized on “Not offset, ew” so you are aware.

Overall, the post is very messy and hard to read. I recommend organizing this thread and making more linesplits. Create headings and be more professional with your post. I cannot help you, sorry.


Clearly other people find this post messy.


I’m aware that its messy. I’m not quite sure how to reword it, but I’ll try.

Use this template:


Hello developers, ___

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So the problem is when you rescale your screen, your GUI doesn’t show up correctly?

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The size of a Frame works is {X,X,Y,Y} {Scale X, Offset X, Scale Y, Offset Y}
You made your frame 0.001 which basically makes it “invisible”. Make the size of the frame larger
You’re using scale and if you compare the AbsoluteSize between Studio and In-game, you’ll see they have different results.
Use offset if you want to get the same results between Studio and In-game.

In your case, if you look in Frame.AbsoluteSize under Y axis, use that value and put it under your offset value

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I’ve included some photos above In which the changes are visible.

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This is very strange. I have a few questions:

  • Is this happening on a certain device
  • Is this happening on Studio, on Roblox itself, or both

I may not be able to help because I am not too informed on UIs, I may be able to recommend this plugin here. I hope this helped.


Can you show your Zindex for your Background Image, the Parent Frame and that frame you’ve used for that small line?

EDIT: Could you show your hierarchy(explorer) where you placed these items.

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All ZIndex’s are 1, along with the ZIndexBehavior being Sibling. Whenever I change the line ZIndex, and put the position to “0.5, 0, 0.5, 0” it still doesn’t show.

Here you go. (Dont mind the thicker line, I’m experimenting. :))

errrr.rbxm (3.3 KB)
Heres the file. (With the error currently going on. :slight_smile:

I can say I have the same issue too.
Use offset values for Y to fix this issue. {0.5, 0},{0, 1}
1 pixel is equal to Y.Scale value 0.001 in your frame. This is because you also used offset values for the ImageLabel you made. If you want to make thin lines like that then use offset values for precision.

Offset values always stays the same for every device you have- it does not scale.

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Thanks, but quick question! Scale would be more for Positioning, while Offset would be more for the Size of UI?

Scale would give you precision if you want to keep something in the middle for example. This can be used for when you want to have an UI object relative to your display which adapts to the different devices you use which has different. If you want to use Offset then the size stays the same throughout your different display sizes.
This is a good explanation for Scale and Offset values which you can go to here.

If you have any other questions, do not fret to ask! Happy developing!

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Thank you! I’ll look into that! :slight_smile:

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