Plugin: Auto Scale for GUIs


Hi everyone, I recently updated my AutoScale plugin. (The dislikes are from version 1)

Well, what can it do?
The plugin has two functions. Converting a UI element’s size to Scale or Offset, and the AutoScale feature.
The AutoScale feature makes use of the UIAspectRatioConstraint which ensures that your UI retains it’s size on all screen sizes. You can add this constraint to your UI manually but my plugin does the calculating of the AspectRatio property by dividing the AbsoluteSizes so you don’t have to!


How do I use it hmmmmm?
First, you need your GUI. Make sure it is in a ScreenGUI.

Second, select only the children of the ScreenGUI (not the descendants) and click the AutoScale button.

This will add the constraint with the calculated AspectRatio property to the UI element, make sure you repeat step 2 for each child of the ScreenGUI. The descendants of the ScreenGUI will inherit the size of the parent so don’t go into each descendant and AutoScale it.

Correct :white_check_mark: ur one smart boi

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Let me know if you need any help!

Take the plugin:

(will be updating the plugin with more cool features soon)

Now offers auto conversion of new UI elements to Scale.

UI's going offset when in-game

Cool! Good for UI Designing


Works perfectly fine!


Very awesome!


I would like for there to be an option to automatically convert any newly inserted UI elements to scale so I don’t have to do that manually. Then I would definitely get this.


Really cool! Thank you so much for making this plugin!! ;D


I actually started working on that yesterday lol, going to release it today.

Edit: Released the new update but the settings toggle doesn’t seem to be working, will fix tomorrow.



This plugin will make a fine addition to my collection


Awesome, I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. My attempts at UI design had been previously slaughtered by it looking funky on different size screens, and I never did get these UI constraint things. Thank you, this will be very helpful. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, the new update has arrived and the setting now works.

Click the Settings button at the plugin tab to open this gui, your settings are saved through the plugin. Please tell me if you experience crashes when clicking the button.


This. Is. Amazing.


This actually helps a lot- great time saver.


So helpful! Thank you! :slight_smile: