Framedrop when moving parts

Recently my Roblox Studio has been starting to lag incredibly much when moving parts. This only happens on my main desktop, and this was a random occurrence, which means that it didn’t happen beforehand.

I’m not sure why this happened, but I’d appreciate if anyone knew why this happens, and perhaps could explain why.

(I’ve also tried to reinstall Roblox Studio, aswell as disabling all plugins, so I don’t know what else to try.)


If the game is full of moving objects, it will create a lot of Recv. Check if the Recv is high, if it’s high that means your game has too many moving parts. Try to minimize the moving parts or check if there are many virus scripts in your game by searching scripts in the filter bar, and the game will be normal.

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Like i mentioned; this happened randomly. 2 days ago I had closed down my project, where it beforehand worked perfectly fine. Now it dosen’t enough, and even when I’m moving a single part on an empty baseplate, it drops to around 50 fps.

(Basically, it affects all studios, even if they dont have nearly any parts at all.)

Like @Nightmare4into96 said, check for possible virus scrips. I didn’t know I had any until my game randomly started lagging. I thought it was an issue with my computer. But once I did some deeper digging on scripts I didn’t make I found the issue.

It’s not virusses, I regularly check every time before closing the studio I work on.

Also, it wouldn’t be able to follow along to other games, unless if it was a plugin, which it isn’t, as I’ve already checked through all plugins.

Which plugins are you using? Some may be a bit dodgy.

  1. I’ve tried disabling all of them, and it still lags.
  2. This happened randomly 2 days ago, and I had not downloaded any new plugins at that time.
  3. Here:

Gapfill is the only plugin which is activated right now though.

They all look fine to me. All creators are original. Maybe it could be a computer problem.

I doubt that, this only happens when moving parts. It dosen’t lag at all when I’m loading into a studio, so the rendering isn’t a issue.

Maybe it’s the map of the game or you are moving a big part in studio. If the map is big it could cause some lag issues.

Like i mentioned; even when just moving a single part in an empty baseplate, it already drops to 50 fps.

Basically means that it dosen’t matter what I’m moving the parts, it has the same effect.

Is joint surface on? If it’s on maybe it’s the objects trying to weld together. If you slide a part next to a empty baseplate it can cause some lag. I’m trying my best here, you can show us a video or some screenshots of what’s happening.


Ahahah it sure was because of Joint Surface. Thanks for the help bud, highly appreciated!