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:coffee: Frappé - Frequently Asked Questions

:memo: This section includes some of our more frequently asked questions that we receive. If you find that your question is unanswered in this guide, feel free to contact an available MR or HR for further assistance.

Q1) When are training sessions hosted?

Training sessions are hosted every day (with the exception of holidays, e.g Christmas) at specific times, check out the Session Schedule for the specific training times: Frappé - Session Schedules

Q2) I’m currently a trainee, how do I get promoted?

You earn promotions by attending and passing trainings up to the rank of Senior Barista Once you have reached the rank of Senior Barista, take a look at the SB + HB Promotion Guide for more details on how to begin your journey to HB and SA.

Q3) I’ve been an SB for awhile now, and I haven’t been promoted to HB/SA. What should I be doing to get promoted?

Assuming you’ve read the SB + HB Promotion Guide , it is recommended that you’re working behind the counter as much as you can and doing little things to personalize your interaction with customers. This can include using a unique, but appropriate, greeting, and assisting any lower ranks that may need help learning about Frappé. We also recommend that you do not ask about the HB or SA position so much as it may come off as a desperate attempt to be noticed, as it will hurt your chances drastically for a promotion.

Q4) I passed my training, but I wasn’t promoted. What should I do?

In the event that this happens, you should try to contact the staff member that passed you as soon as possible. If you cannot reach them, contact any of our HRs about your situation, and we will look into it as quickly as we can. The best way to contact us is on our communications server.

Q5) How do I become a Trainee?

In order to become a Trainee, you will need to take a quick visit to our Quiz Center and answer the 10 multiple choice questions in the interview setting. If you get 7/10 correct, you will pass the quiz and be automatically ranked to Trainee! You can then start attending our training sessions to begin your Barista career.

Q6) I passed the quiz but I haven’t been ranked to Trainee. What do I do?

In the unlikely circumstances that this may occur, it means that the automatic promotion bot is offline. If this does happen to you, contact any Chief Staff Officer or above to make us aware of the issue. However, due to the automatic nature of the Quiz Center, you will need to wait for the bot to be online and re-take the quiz.

Q7) I have safechat. Can I apply for Trainee?

Yes you can! We now permit those with safechat to apply for a rank at Frappé!

Q8) Do you need to wear/have “aesthetic” clothing or username, or have robux to be promoted to SA?

No, this is a long running myth of Frappé that we only hire aesthetic admins. This is untrue and we never take into consideration your outfit (unless it’s inappropriate) when determining if you’re right for a promotion!

:white_check_mark: We hope that this guide answered many of your burning questions! If not, you are always welcome to contact any of our admins to answer it for you!

:page_facing_up: Approved and Written by Frappé HRs.
:date: Last Updated April 2nd, 2021.