Frappé - Senior Barista Promotion Guide

Frappé - Senior Barista Promotion Guide


This guide will explain what to do and not to do as a Senior Barista so that you can achieve an SA position within Frappé. Please keep in mind that this guide only offers some suggestions regarding some of the things to do and doesn’t encompass everything that you should or shouldn’t be doing as a Senior Barista. Please also note that the maximum rank limit of Staff Assistant at the time of writing is 30 individuals.

What to do as an SB:

Our high ranks at Frappé look for the best Senior Baristas to join our MR Team. The main characteristics that we look for in a person are maturity, helpfulness, leadership, and professionalism. These four characteristics are vital for admins to possess in order to succeed here at Frappe. As a Senior Barista wishing to achieve the next step in your journey at Frappe, you are allowed to wear any clothing and appropriate package that you want - you do not need to be “aesthetic” or “cool” or have limited items. Your username also does not play any part in deciding promotions. One factor which does play a part in promotions is your activity. Competition at Frappé to become an administrator is quite high, so you do need to be relatively active to be considered. This isn’t saying you need to spend 12 hours per day for three months on Frappe; that isn’t the type of activity we look for. We like to see consistent activity over a shorter amount of time, as that is much more likely to get you noticed rather than working a 12 hour shift one day, then not coming on at all for the next three.

What not to do as an SB:

One of the worst things you can do is constantly seek for attention instead of working hard for the promotion. Similarly, you should avoid giving trollers several warnings. Instead, they should be reported directly to an MR/HR that is at the cafe or warned once depending on the severity of their actions. Reports should include their name and not just be a plea for us to walk over to you. We want to be able to check the chatlogs to see if they have done something wrong. Handling disputes with other baristas is also helpful for building a reputation as a good barista since it’ll show how well you can handle a situation. If a situation can’t be handled, try seeking an admin on the server for assistance with it. You also want to avoid being inactive or inconsistently active if you can help it. The more frequent and more consistent your activity, the better your chances are at getting promoted. You should also try not to act as an MR in any way, or try to “impersonate” us; this includes pretending to check any logs that you do not have access to, standing around the cafe and supervising when there are registers open/admins already supervising, etc.

Once again, this is a rough guide to getting promoted to SA and does not include everything. If you still have further questions on this topic, you are more than welcome to contact any Chief Staff Officer or above for further assistance. We wish you the best of luck on your journey here at Frappe!

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