Frappe Frequently Asked Questions

• Introduction •

This section includes some of our more frequently asked questions that we receive. If you find that your question is unanswered in this guide, feel free to contact an available MR or HR for further assistance.

• Questions & Answers •

[Q1] When are trainings hosted?
[A1] Trainings are hosted every day at 11am EST, 2pm EST, 5pm EST, and 8pm EST. We also occasionally host trainings at 11pm EST on Fridays and Saturdays, but those are the four times out of the day in which a session is guaranteed to take place.

[Q2] I’m currently a trainee, how do I get promoted?
[A2] You earn promotions by attending and passing trainings. The scores required to pass for each rank are listed in the training guide*. Once you have reached the rank of Senior Barista, look at the SB Promotion Guide* for more details on how to begin your journey to SA.

[Q3] I’ve been an SB for awhile now, and I haven’t been promoted to SA. What should I be doing to get promoted?
[A3] Assuming you’ve read the SB Promotion Guide*, it is recommended that you’re working behind the counter as much as you can and doing little things to personalize your interaction with customers. This can include using a unique, but appropriate, greeting, and assisting any lower ranks that may need help learning about Frappé. We also recommend that you do not ask about the SA position so much as it may come off as a desperate attempt to be noticed, as it will hurt your chances drastically for a promotion.

[Q4] I passed my training, but I wasn’t promoted. What should I do?
[A4] In the event that this happens, you should try to contact the staff member that passed you as soon as possible. If you cannot reach them, contact any of our HRs about your situation, and we will look into it as quickly as we can.

[Q5] The Application Center is currently closed, what does that mean? When will it open?
[A5] Whenever the Application Center is closed, that means there’s an overflow of applications and our MRs and HRs need time to review them all. Depending on how many applications there are/how many people read them, the sooner the Application Center will open.

[Q5] How do I become a Trainee?
[A5] In order to become a Trainee, you will need to submit an application at our Application Center and pass it. To find our Application Center, simply go to our group page, look at our “Games” section, and then click on the game that says “Application Center”.

[Q6] When will my application be read?
[A6] Depending on how many unread applications our MRs and HRs have to read, your application may take anything from a few hours to a couple of days.

[Q7] How do I know if my application has been declined/accepted?
[A7] Once you’ve sent in an application to the “Application Center”, an admin will determine whether your application has been accepted/declined as soon as possible. You will need to re-join the “Application Center” after 24+ hours to discover whether or not your application has been approved/failed (the time will vary depending on the amount of applications in need of reviewing). There will be a short message that appears at the top of your screen which will notify you on your outcome. If your application has been accepted, you’ll be ranked to Trainee right away.


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