Frappuccino - Frequently Asked Questions

Frappuccino - Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to Frappuccino’s frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions that are not included in this guide, you may contact an MR or HR for assistance.

Questions and Answers

How do I get promoted to SA?

Once you become a Senior Barista, to be recognized for a Management position you must remain active, kind, hard-working, and diligent. You must show us full capability that you deserve to achieve this remarkable rank, this marks that you have to be active, you must always obtain to do what is expected, be respectful, and you must use grammar. You can find more information in our SB Promotion Guide.

When will I get my application results?

Our MR and HR team should give you your results in the next 48 hours. To find your results, you must rejoin the Application Centre after 48 to know if your application was accepted or declined.

How do I become a Trainee?

To become a Trainee, you must pass an interview or submit an application. Our session times can be found in our session schedule. The Application Centre is always open!

When are interviews?

Interviews are hosted every weekday at 12 PM EST and 6 PM EST. On Friday - Sunday, they’re hosted at 9:00 AM EST, 1:00 PM EST, and 5:00 PM EST. We also host 10 PM EST interview sessions on Friday and Saturday.

I’m a trainee, how do I get promoted?

You must attend trainings to be promoted. To be promoted to Junior Barista, you must earn 5 points. To be promoted to Barista, you must earn 8 points. To be promoted to Senior Barista, you must earn 10 points which means you need to get everything correct. Once you are a Senior Barista, you don’t attend trainings anymore. You’ll have to be promoted by hard work, more information is in the SB Promotion Guide.